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Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology, Diabetology, Pediatrics, Anti-Infectives, Nutraceuticals and many more pharmaceutical products available with us

Palepu Pharma Private Limited (formerly known as Palepu & Co.), is one of the largest distributors in the state of Tamil Nadu. Dealing with more than 22,000+ products, from 400+ Pharmaceutical Companies, both Multinational and Indian and serving 5000+ customers both Retail and Hospitals based pharmacies


Mr. V. S. Palepu, who was lauded as a visionary during his time in the pharma fraternity, begin his foray into pharmaceutical distribution with his collaboration with Mr. Nebling of Hoechst Pharmaceuticals, Germany who encouraged him to be a distributor for the company. This marked the humble beginning of Palepu & Co in Tamil Nadu. Under his tenure, Palepu has grown immensely with the establishment of 5 Branches and tying up with 4 associate companies, making the company one of the largest distributors in the state of Tamil Nadu.


From Day 1 of our business in 1960 till date, with six decades passed, we still follow the same mantra:

Service in the Cause of Medicine and Humanity.

We are Palepu Pharma


Our products are sourced directly from the manufacturers and sold either to pharmacies or hospitals that possess a valid drug license.


We do not indulge in sub-distribution activity and ensure transparency and efficiency in our second line sales.


We periodically conduct stock checks and ensure that our line of supply operates at maximized efficiency.


Our goal is to provide outstanding service in distribution, in a manner where stock shortage or lack of medications are never a problem especially in a time of need.


It is our duty to provide the right product, at the right price, at the right place, at any time for our customers.



Customer satisfaction is one of our cornerstone concepts, this has been the driving force behind our entire organization since its inception.

PPPL is a family run business; it has been passed down from generation to generation, maintaining high standards and thereby preserving happy customers.











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LPH Pharma


Sree Amman Pharma


Medihauxe International


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